Your Coleman PowerMate Compressor

Build a New Battery and Your Compressor Will Run Like New


I bought this refurbished compressor and it worked good for about 2 years and then the battery went dead


I Could Not Find a New Battery For It, so...

I built a new battery and now my compressor is running like new

You can likely build a battery too! And for FREE. Here are the skills you need:

  • › Be able to solder
  • › Be able to use a volt meter
  • › Use simple hand tools - wire cutter, screwdriver, etc.
  • › Follow step by step directions with pictures for each step - in English

I explain were to get cells for FREE - You can have your compressor running like new with NO money out of pocket!

Here is the unit containing the new battery I built

Testing shows the newly built battery at full charge

The newly built battery was just installed and I turned on the light

The entire unit is working just like new

Now you can fix your Compressor too! I'm selling access to the Compressor Repair Guide™ I assembled so you can do the following:

This is Why You Should Buy This Guide:

  • You'll see how to disassemble without breaking the case - it's easy when you know how
  • I'll explain where to get cells for FREE to build the battery
  • If you want to buy new cells, I tell you where you can find them cheap
  • Easy to follow step by step directions - large clear pictures for each step - in English
  • You'll get FREE access to battery repair and/or replacement for Dustbusters, cordless screwdrivers and drills, and Nicad Battery Resurrection® Guide Pro Version -
    a $12.95 value - "Learn how to repair your power tool batteries"

So, you have a choice - Buy the Compressor Repair Guide™ and build a new battery for it or let your Compressor sit in the garage and curse it out when you have a flat tire and need it and it won't work. It costs much less to fix your Compressor now, than for a tow truck later.

I decided to incorporate the Compressor Repair Guide™ into the Battery Resurrection® Guide Pro Version - So, if you have the Pro Version, just go online and look for the Compressor Repair Guide™. Get new stuff at no charge when added to the Battery Resurrection® Guide Pro Version.
This auction does not include any hardware or tools.
This auction is for unlimited online access to the
"Compressor Repair Guide™" that is available only from Unique Dynamics, Inc. It shows you how to make a new battery to repair the device - no other repairs are offered.
Shipping and Handling: NONE!
You will be sent an email automatically with the link, user, and password to the "Compressor Repair Guide™" after your payment is completed and received. A backup email will be sent manually within 6 hours in case of a spam filter grab.
You will get the download link immediately after payment!
If you have questions, contact me at or call 619-825-0519 and leave a message.